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Boosted V3-T2

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Introducing the V3-T2.  The best of everything Boosted ever made.   Hand-built in our California facility, these are a custom design integrating the best of the best.  

Want the fastest motor driver paired with the most resilient motors, greatest wheels, most stable trucks, and latest deck options?  Throw in some lights for the night cruises, all installed and ready to rip, add the best longboard pack on the market, and you've got the V3-T2 package.

Here is what goes into our build:

Boosted V2 Bamboo Deck - The cult classic deck from Loaded.  We found a box of these bad boys and we're offering them as an option on the V3-T.  This deck is insanely flexible and extremely resilient. If you prefer the stiffer feel of the Stealth deck, we've got you covered, just select it in the option below.

Stealth Motor Driver - Enjoy 5 blistering speeds with the most powerful motor driver ever offered.

XR Battery - The largest capacity battery Boosted ever made.

Trucks - V3 - The latest truck released. Forged for strength, these things are meant to go fast and go the distance.

Motors - T3 - The most reliable motors ever installed on a Boosted Board.

CaliRide 105's - The latest / greatest skateboard wheels on the market. We like to think of these as the Boosted 105 2.0's. These wheels significantly increase your top speed and smooth out your ride. If you haven't tried them, you should, they are so choice.  

ShredLights - See and be seen with ShredLights. These lights come installed and ready to rock on your V3-T2.

Boosted Longboard Tech Pack - Carry your board in style with our favorite backpack on the market.

Each unit is hand built and tested before being boxed and shipped to you.  Check back often as these will be extremely limited.