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Kalk INK& - Cake Electric Bike

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Introducing the Kalk INK& from Cake, the ultimate electric motorcycle designed to take on both the outback and your daily commute. This street-legal midsize bike is engineered with the same technology as the Kalk&, but with a slightly heavier and sturdier suspension system.

Powered by 252Nm of raw electric instant torque, the Kalk INK& delivers impressive speed and nimbleness, all housed in a super light and robust build with dual sport motorcycle tires. With a unique power-to-weight ratio, you'll experience unrivaled performance and agility. Plus, it's ready to be registered as a 125cc equivalent in both the EU and the USA.

Weighing only 137 lbs + 37 lbs battery, this electric motorcycle is both light and powerful. With a power output of 10kW (13,5 hp), it's designed to deliver maximum performance while keeping noise pollution at a minimum. Enjoy the outdoors and city in a respectful way with the Kalk INK&'s quiet and clean electric drivetrain that produces zero emissions of carbon dioxide while riding.

Equipped with 200mm travel, the upside-down MX spring forks with rebound adjustment offer everything you need for the outback and your daily commute. Additionally, the linkage mounted rear shock provides a smooth ride over rough terrain.

With a top speed of +56 mph and a range of 51 miles in mixed city riding (WMTC-II), the Kalk INK& is ready to tackle anything. It's also street legal, and with an M1 driver's license in the USA, you can easily hit the road. Don't compromise on power, performance, or sustainability - experience it all with the Kalk INK& from Cake.