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Cake Osa + Bike

Cake Osa +
high-performance, electric utility machine

Ösa+, the motorcycle version, is an electric, high-performance utility machine, aka the swiss army knife on wheels.
The Ösa design features a large gray bar extending underneath the seat. The unibar together with the clamp-on system enables users to attach baskets, bags, tools, and more to create over 1,000 different possible configurations.
The powerful battery with multiple outlets, meaning the Ösa doubles as a power station on wheels, enabling the rider to be completely independent, off-the-grid.

top speed: +56 mph 
drivers license: M1 (USA)**
weight: 159 lbs + 37 lbs battery
power: 10 kW (13,5 hp)
range: 52 miles mixed city riding (WMTC-II)
*street legal: Yes