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Dualtron Spider 2 - MiniMotors Electric Scooter

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Are your spidey senses tingling? The latest and greatest from Dualtron's ever-growing line of insane scooters is here... and we have it, woo! Get ready to get fast on and be light as a feather(57lbs) dual motor scooter. 

The original Dualtron Spider has a legacy for having a light weight chassis and powerful drivetrain, the Spider 2 takes it further. Equipped with what could be 30A controllers found in the Dualtron Victor, 21700 Cells, and the Spiders upgraded light weight chassis, the Spider 2 may be the more expensive but lighter weight, 3.9KW performance commuter scooter that could take you past +40MPH, and up a flight of stairs with ease to boot.

  • Model: Dualtron Spider 2
  • Battery: 60V 24AH/30AH LG21700 Cells
  • Power: 3,984W
  • Charging ports on headset stem/neck
  • Upgraded Foot Rest and External Controller
  • Upgraded Side Arms
  • Upgraded Dual Clamps
  • Max Speed: 43 MPH/ 70 KM
  • Range: 120 KM
  • Weight: 57 lbs / 26.2 KG
  • Brakes: Mechanical