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Erban Basket - Irv Labs

Introducing the ERBAN BASKET, the ultimate storage solution for Super73 electric bikes. Designed specifically to fit the center of your bike, this basket is the perfect addition to your daily bike adventures. Each Erban Basket is thoughtfully designed with clever features to accommodate a number of different load outs.

The Erban Basket's asymmetrical design gives it a number of benefits. The higher side creates a natural catch when the bike is tilted on its kickstand, while the MOLLE pattern cutouts allow you to tie down your cargo to keep them from flying out on rough roads. The inner curved lip on the higher side also helps keep tall objects upright, preventing them from interfering with you while you pedal.

Constructed with Aluminum, the Erban Basket weighs in at only 3 lbs, making it lightweight and easy to carry. It is offered in two finishes: powder-coated black and a premium LINE-X version, a tough, durable textured coating that protects it from the harshest elements.

The Erban Basket was designed with modular load outs in mind, so all accessory and mounting points on the Super73 are available for use. Additionally, we've added a rear slot so that you can have one more place to mount a large water bottle holder, speaker, foldable lock, or any other accessory you see fit. The original Super 73 Cupholder is also compatible (not included).

Proudly made in California, USA, the ERBAN BASKET is the original center basket specifically tailored to a Super 73 Motorbike. Get your hands on one today and take your bike-ventures to the next level!