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Red Armor-Dilloz Maximum Effect - Onewheel Tire Sealant

Although we created this product specifically for the Onewheel, where it has been proven to seal punctures up to ½ inch in these relatively thin and delicate tires, this product is our highest level of protection from punctures, and is suitable for all types of vehicles.  This level of performance is unrivaled by any competitor - Armor-Dilloz Red is the product to use when performance counts!  

Red 'Dillo incorporates an extremely high ballistic fiber load, our highest-tech suspension, wetting agents, an extremely high load of variable particle size rubber platelets, and significant amounts of corrosion inhibitors to protect your tires and wheels.  Suitable for any e-device which operates under 30 MPH where you want maximum protection. Owners looking for the best solution for higher speed devices should consider our Armor-Dilloz Blue sealant. Owners looking for a lower cost solution for all devices should consider our Armor-Dilloz Green sealant. 

Safe and highly effective in both tube and tubeless tires - as with all sealants, the performance will typically be lower in tube type tires, as their delicate rubber simply doesn’t allow for a lot of abuse.  Note that failures on tube seams, as well as cuts/tears of the tube, such as a pinched tube, are often not sealable by any sealant including ours. A patch kit is recommended for these cases.