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Last Mile

Bike Patch Kit

Drive over nails? legos? even shark teeth, these patch kits are a must have in your bike bag.

  • Super Strong Lever - Meifede lever can withstand the critical moment when encountering hard stubble! It will be easier and more labor-saving to remove the tire after it is completely deflated.
  • Professional Maintenance - The kit contains 11PCS Vulcanizing Patches, each patch is individually packaged, which is convenient for use at any time, with three sizes (2.15, 1.47, 1.18 inch), it can easily repair large and small puncture holes.
  • Amazingly to Easy - After applying the vulcanizing fluid, please wait 1-2 minutes, and then paste the Vulcanizing Patch, use a rubber hammer or wooden stick to tap to completely exhaust the remaining air in the pasted area, wait another 30 minutes to fully dry, it can be integrated with the inner tube to achieve permanent repair.
  • Extremely Portable - Meifede bike repair kit only 3.6oz and comes with an exquisite storage box, which is very suitable for bicycle bags, backpacks and clothing pockets.