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Dualtron Spider Max - Minimotors Electric Scooter

Dualtron Spider Max: Super Light Yet A Beast

The Dualtron Spider Max stands at the forefront of innovation and performance in the Dualtron Spider series. Built with a singular purpose – to create the lightest, high-torque, high-speed, and high-power dual-motor electric scooters on the market – the Spider Max embodies the perfect blend of power and portability.

Continuing the Legacy:

  • The Dualtron Spider Max shares its shape, design, and core attributes with the Spider 2, but it takes the riding experience to a whole new level.
  • Increased Motor Power (4000W): The Spider Max roars to life with enhanced motor power, delivering a staggering 4000W, ensuring you're always in control of the road.
  • Cutting-Edge EY4 LCD Display: With the latest EY4 LCD central display, this scooter offers a large, colorful, connected, and waterproof (IPX7) interface that keeps you informed and in command.
  • Efficient and Quiet Operation: Featuring a remarkably quiet and efficient motor, the Spider Max promises a smooth and stealthy ride, reminiscent of the Thunder 2.
  • Comprehensive Lighting System: Equipped with a potent headlight and turning signals, visibility is never compromised, ensuring safe travels, day or night.

Performance and Features:

  • With a blazing top speed of 70km/h (approximately 43 mph) and dual motors churning out 4000W of raw power, the Spider Max is engineered for exhilarating speed and performance.
  • Enjoy longer rides and adventures with an impressive range of up to 120km (approximately 75 miles) on a single charge.
  • ZOOM front and rear hydraulic brakes and a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) ensure efficient and reliable braking, adding an extra layer of safety to your journeys.
  • A robust maximum load capacity of 120kg (approximately 265 lbs) ensures sturdiness and dependability.
  • Features such as the powerful headlight, turning signals, a commanding horn, and the EY4 XXL central display (IPX7) offer unmatched confidence and safety.

New EY4 Display, Innovation:

  • Embrace the pinnacle of connectivity and control with the Dualtron Spider Max electric scooter.
  • The advanced LCD EY4 display, featuring Bluetooth connectivity, allows you to effortlessly monitor and manage essential scooter functions like battery status, speed, lights, and ignition.
  • The EY4 display is certified IPX7, guaranteeing waterproof performance.
  • Explore enhanced control with the dedicated EY4 app for Android and iOS smartphones, offering intuitive management of your Spider Max, including BMS cut-off prevention, electronic anti-theft, lighting effects, and the legendary boost mode.

Minimotors once again sets the gold standard for innovation and convenience with the Dualtron Spider Max, inviting riders to experience the ultimate in electric scooter technology. Elevate your ride, embrace innovation, and choose the Spider Max for unmatched speed, power, and reliability.