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Last Mile

Level 2 - Inspection and Tune-up

Service Features:

1. Visual Inspection: Our expert technicians will conduct a comprehensive visual inspection of your vehicle, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. We'll identify any visible issues, wear and tear, or potential concerns.

2. Comprehensive Electronic System Test: Your vehicle's electronic systems are essential for a smooth ride. We'll run thorough tests to ensure that all electronic components are operating at their peak performance.

3. Drivetrain Adjustment: We'll fine-tune your vehicle's drivetrain to enhance both efficiency and power, ensuring you get the most out of every drive.

4. Component Security Check: Safety is paramount, so we'll meticulously inspect and tighten all components to prevent unnecessary wear and potential accidents.

5. Brake Pad Replacement (Labor): Included in the Level 2 package is the labor for replacing brake pads, further improving your vehicle's braking performance and safety.

6. Rotor Replacement (Labor): Rotors play a crucial role in your vehicle's braking system. Our Level 2 service covers the labor cost for replacing rotors, ensuring your brakes are in top-notch condition.

7. Tire and Tube Replacement (Labor): We understand the importance of reliable tires. If your vehicle requires new tires or tubes, our skilled technicians will handle the labor for replacement, ensuring your vehicle maintains optimal grip and traction.

8. Minor Wheel True: To guarantee a smooth and balanced ride, we'll perform a minor wheel true, correcting any imperfections in your wheels for a more comfortable driving experience.

Note: It's important to note that while our Level 2 - Inspection and Tune-Up service covers the cost of labor and inspections, it does not include the cost of any replacement components. We are committed to transparency and will always consult with you before proceeding with any necessary part replacements.