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Replacement Tire - Super73

Replacement tires for Super73 Bikes. 

BDGR: Now with puncture-resistant override and available in a 20in. x 4.5in width, the BDGR tire is a natural urban explorer. Built to take on the concrete jungle, with a modernized big block tread design, this tire is ready to dodge and weave through back alleys, green belts, and traffic-laden streets to deliver you to your final destination with confidence and style. 

GRZLY: With an aggressive knobby tread pattern, the GRZLY has excellent grip on a variety of terrain, designed to dig into loose dirt and gravel with ferocity, or provide consistent contact and grip on hardpack, rock, and asphalt.

LZRD: The LZRD is a modern street tire made for extended-range commuting. This tire was designed with micro knurling to improve cornering grip while balancing extended tire life. Available in a 20in. x 4.5in. width as well as puncture-resistant override.

Trooper: Measuring 4" wide, the Trooper street tire features a hybrid micro tread designed for efficient rolling velocity. The tire was designed with a dense center tread pattern that extends tire life while an aggressive side tread provides a cornering grip. 

Legacy All-Terrain: The Super73 All Terrain 20in x 4in Tire is perfect for light-duty off-road adventures. Expand your horizons and reach the full potential of your Super73.