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XBoard - Le Knight Gloves

Colder Weather - These are perfect for eskate and scooter riding when the temps dip. 

The multiple mini X pucks give more dexterity, as well as more surface protection for the lower palm and wrist.  This design allows for better sliding stability upon impact with improved shock absorption 


- Rubber Velcro strap offers better closure and security for your wrist
- Reflective material makes you visible and safe with class
- Neoprene flex knuckles of the fingers provide improved dexterity
- Index finger and thumb cut outs allow for optimal control of your device (remote, camera, selfie stick, etc…)
- Reinforced lower palm, wrist and fingertips with double stitched leather
- Mini X pucks sliders
- Shock absorption technology
- Reinforced upper palm with synthetic leather and silicone grip
- Inner Kevlar lining ensures abrasion resistance
- Inner mesh provides comfort
- Pocket inside the glove let’s you insert a heating pad.  Also inside the pocket you will find a wire with a hook to connect your remote, eliminating the need to strap your remote around your wrist.