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Cake - Kalk INK Race

The CAKE Kalk INK Race is the future of off-road racing. This midsize bike features 280 Nm of raw electric instant torque, all in a super light, robust build with a 19"/18" MX wheel setup. The unique power to weight ratio delivers superior nimbleness and speed in tight, technical environments.

Light, quiet and clean

The Kalk platform is not just an assortment of electric off-road motorcycles; it's an embodiment of our commitment to purpose, performance, quality, and innovative design. It stands as a testament to CAKE's revolutionary approach to electric midsize off-road motorcycling, heralding an era of emission-free, high-performance, and sustainable mobility solutions.



  • Cells - Premium 18650 lithium cells

  • Voltage (nominal) - 51.8 V

  • Capacity - 50 Ah / 2.6 kWh

  • Features - Removable, can be charged when installed in bike or separately. Built in SoC indicator.

Brake modes

  • Freewheel - No motorbrake or energy regeneration

  • 2-stroke - Motor brake with energy regeneration

  • 4-stroke - Motor brake with energy regeneration


  • Brake type - Formula motorcycle disc brakes, four piston calipers, alloy levers. Hand lever for front- and rear brake.

  • Disc 0 Stainless steel, 8.66" mm diameter, 0.13" thickness


  • 0-100% - 3 hours

  • 0-80% - 2 hours

  • Charger type - External charger for standard 110 V outlets


  • Seat height

  • Kalk&, INK&, AP - 35.83"

  • Kalk INK, INK Race, OR, OR Race - 36.46"


  • Kalk INK, INK Race, OR, Or Race, AP


  • None*