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Evolve Performance Bushings

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Bushings are another great way to add personal flare to your board, and also serve a big purpose for dialing in your ultimate ride feeling. Just like wheels, bushings are made of urethane. They have a huge impact on how your board feels to ride as well as the overall performance of the turn/carve.

Just need one set? Each standard set of Evolve Bushings comes With TWO 16.5mm Barrels & TWO 12mm cones, and TWO pivot cups designed to work perfectly with your Evolve Supercarve Trucks. Choose from five options:

  • 87a White
  • 90a Purple
  • 92a Yellow
  • 95a Light Blue
  • 98a Orange

NOTE: For a COMPLETE set for your double kingpin trucks, please order TWO SETS of bushings.