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All Terrain Hyper Slayer

Own the Streets and Conquer the Hills.

Volts: 36

Range: 30-70

Watt Hours: 504


With the two LZR performance tuned, power enhanced, and hyper balanced mid-drive powertrains, shred the entire city and tackle those wilderness trails. You may comfortably freeride and freestyle anytime, wherever, all day long without restrictions thanks to the carefully built core frame that was inspired by dirt jumpers. The LZR offers the greatest performance control and stability in two highly hard-charging flexible eBike models, whether you want challenging adventures or simply want to make your commute the most enjoyable part of your day.


Switch through modes and keep tabs on the battery life effortlessly using the all-in-one intuitive interface. Choose from a 500W or a 900W powertrain depending upon your riding style and needs. 

LZR 500W

A portable dirt jump frame for all-around freestyle and street riding is offered by the LZR 500W. With 95 Nm of torque, this electric combination is more than capable of conquering the trickiest urban obstacles and hitting the largest jumps in the park without even breaking a sweat.

LZR 900W

The perfectly balanced dirt jump geometry of the LZR PRO 900W frame elevates performance to new heights, making leveled-out large airs effortless. The pro is built sturdy and equipped to handle everything you throw at it. More tricks and even greater leaps may be performed in far less time thanks to the 120 Nm torque of this frame and motor combo.